26 November 2013

A Quick Something For Me

I decided since I was off of work this week I would just take some time and work on things I wanted to work on. Mainly some quick projects I have been wanting to do.

So, yesterday after running my errands. Had to hurry and get that ham for Thanksgiving and the pesky little gas tank in one of the cars was yelling for me to feed it, go figure, I came home and sewed.

I ended up not needing the charm pack. I just added 3 or 4 squares from stash.

I even added a label. I am taking it up to wash and square up now. Then it will be onto the coffee table to be covered with piles of stuff admired at night while watching TV.

Close up of one of the squares. The top cheddar is the one I added from stash.
I probably would have had this completed yesterday but those pesky children needed a ride home from school. Then for some reason they wanted dinner. I then had a surprise over night visit from my niece.  On top of all that I had a child that still does not want to do his homework or get good grades for that matter so it was a little bit of will battling going on. Unfortunately, I will now have homework to oversee all weekend long and it isn't a small amount either. It is a wonder I am still sane.
Well off to sew some more.
Pattern is courteous of  http://www.aquiltinglife.com/.

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