15 November 2013

On The Needles 11/15/2013

On the needles Friday or in my case the story of the Mukluks.

Last Sunday I decided to start a new project, because I didn't have enough on the needles as it was. Of course I had no needles in the size I needed. How that happens I do not know.

1. Run to Joann's on Sunday afternoon to pick up a quick set of cheap needles. Do you know how many crazy people are in there in the afternoon? Of course they do not have the size I need.

2. Run to Michael's (it's on the way home). You know how many crazy people are there in the afternoon? Of course they don't have the needles I need either.

3. Get home and figure out to use a smaller needle on the top section and a larger needle on the bottom section. Of course that could be backwards because I don't remember exactly what I did.

4. Realize the yarn I bought for this project sucks is not to my liking. It was a lambs pride variegated pink and split to much for me and was not allowing for a smooth knit. Of course I didn't figure this out until the third time I cast on. I figured it was me the first couple of times and I was just not knitting loose enough to get the stinking stitches to work right. Doing 4 increases in 4 stitches has a way of making my stitches tighter than a buffalo's..well we won't go there.  And by the way why does it take 3 attempts before I figure out it ain't gonna work.

5. Find a skein of chunky down in my inexpensive yarn tote. I ended up with a Deborah Norville chunky variegated yarn that feels a lot better. Again cast on 2 times and get to row 6 (each and every time including the lambs pride yarn) and still have my stitches tighter than tight. I finally cast on a third time and am a little looser, now mind you that is a play on words and I am glad I ended up using some inexpensive needles because I swear the tips of each needle have left and impression in the other needle the size of the Grand Canyon.

6. Realize that I am just gonna have to fight with the tightness of this yarn because that is just the way the pattern is and I am not going to cave in at this point. Finally finished the foot part of the Mukluk on Sunday night. I ended up having to fight and stretch and squeeze and scream (well not out loud anyway) and fuss and pretty much send my whole family out of the room but I got it done. I have also increased the muscle mass on my arms ten-fold with the fighting increase but that is ok. I don't have anymore increases and the legs of these puppies are going to be a piece of cake. Ok...a really hard, left out for weeks piece of cake, but a piece of cake none the less. Oh snap! I still have another stinking one to do, unless I want my poor little niece to only keep one foot warm at a time.

7. By Tuesday night they are both done and whip stitched close. Oh yeah I would rather knit in the round the whip stitch anything closed again. Yep, that is why right now I am working on a hat for the same precious little niece that is also knit on straights and whip stitched close. What was I thinking?

So I now have a beautiful pair of mukluks that are a little snug at the top because I apparently can't not knit loose enough with this stinking yarn and this stinking pattern so I obviously can not bind off loosely either. Yeah, didn't dawn on me until I was done with the second one to actually switch to a pair of needles that were maybe three times larger to get a loose bind off. If they at least last her through this winter I will be happy.

I can say that I will not be Mukluking again anytime soon.

Until I took this picture I didn't even realize that toes looked so different on each foot.

They don't look like they are the same size but they are exactly.

I love the colors. It is actually a blue/aqua/yellow/lime green. I need to get better at pictures for sure.
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  1. Your week sounds like mine....wrong needles, wrong yarn...ugh! how frustrating!

    I like the yarn color though!

  2. Well, they came out cute in the end! Maybe a snugger cuff will help keep them on? I have found that some knitting needles make knitting difficult! You might want to try a different brand/material and see if it goes any better on the same yarn. Cheers! Evelyn

    1. I think it was a little bit of everything. I changed needles and yarn and everything. I think I just needed to change the pattern. I love them. They are done. All is good..lol

  3. Alright Baby Girl! You needed to cast on w/ the next larger sized needles. You're a tight knitter to begin w/. Cast on w/ the larger needles then go to the size required. It works. Trust me! See ya tomorrow! Momma B.

    1. I'm not really a tight knitter anymore. I have become kind of loosey goosey actually. See ya tomorrow momma..

    2. Yes, you'll see me tomorrow! Good to know you're not the tight knitter anymore!

  4. Sounds like you're ready for what I call a Knitting Time Out! Those mukluks are cute though. I have a baby bootie pattern like that. Have you seen the pattern for pocketbook slippers? They are a fun knit.

    1. I haven't seen the pattern I will have to look for it. I think I am just going to take a time out from mukluks. I have a hat, mittens and sweater to do now. All for a 3 year old thank goodness. That means a smaller pattern.

  5. Congratulations on pushing through and getting these knit up. They're super cute!