11 November 2013

Design Wall Monday 11/11/2013

I have been on a hexie kick lately. I am teaching a couple of classes next year and am trying to get the sample done. The second class is on machine piecing the hexagons. I decided to use a Honeycomb from Moda since they were pre-cut.

My original intention was to make this large. After sewing on it for awhile I decided that it will not be happening. Of course this would have probably be easier if I had sewn rows first but of course I didn't.

After thinking some more I have come up with an easier plan of action. I am going to sew another sections of prints on the left side then another row of background but a row on the bottom and top and call it done. I may come out a weird size but it can be a wall hanging, table topper or something. I figure this was way I have a sample and I can use the other hexagons to make something easier. I have seen a few patterns that will work. I can say with honesty that I love English Paper Piecing the hexies a whole bunch better and I love the smaller sizes as well.

A lesson learned for sure.

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  1. I love hexies to calm my stitchers heart some days! Hand work comes in handy when sitting in a car on long roadtrips or at Appts. Have fun with your samples for classes.

    1. I love handwork as well unfortunately I can not do too much of it. My hands can't take it. I haven't been able to do the EPP sample I need to get done the last couple of days because of my hands. Hopefully with a few more days break I can get back to it and get it done.