22 November 2013

On The Needles 11/22/13

I actually have off the needles this week, for a change. I finished my niece's hat. Not I just have to make some mittens to go with it and I am good. I did stop to work on another project, no surprises there. I decided I didn't like it and I messed up somewhere so I ripped that out and started over. I just finished the ribbing so hopefully I can get that done by next week.

Great way to use up some more of my stash yarn for sure.
On a side note. Remember those mukluks I said I would never make again. Well, it looks like that is gonna change. She loves them so much Auntie is just gonna have to make her another pair for when the ones she has are worn out. Oh well....all for love right.
For more eye candy head on over to Judy's.
Michelle who is going to spend all day in the house because it is cold and snowy outside.


  1. Your hat is beautiful. Love the color. What are the mukluks? They sound interesting. Are they easier than socks??

    1. If you go back to my last post which was on the needles last week you will see my mukluks. They are slippers and they are easier than socks. They are done with a bulky yarn and even though I am a very slow knitter they only took me a couple of days even with all of the problems I had. The pattern for them is from Knitting Pure and Simple.