04 November 2013

Design Wall Monday 11/4/2013

I have got a lot of little things I'm working on so it seems like I have nothing done.

I finished up my strips for the swap at work. They are 1.5 in strips. It will be nice when it is all done and put together. It will most definitely be scrappy.

I also have been working on my hexie project. This will be a class next year and I am trying hard to have it done before After Market Party at work on Dec. 8th. Don't know if that will happen though since my fingers are not working with me but against me. I am only able to do a little bit of hand sewing at a time before my thumbs go numb. Guess after I get this project done I will take a break for awhile and see if that helps.

I am almost finished attaching row 4 then I will be half way done. It will eventually be 8 rows of 7 and will be a pillow about 16.5 square. I used all of the fabric from my stash. It was kind of nice to pull my squares out and start using them on something.
I am now off to work on Sylvia's. I only have 54 blocks left and I set a goal for myself to do one block a day 'til it is done. Today, I will do two since I work tomorrow and know I won't want to sew when I get home. I rarely ever do.
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  1. You have a nice set of swapped strips. Your Hexies are big! Hope the thumbs work so you can finish it up in time. 54 SBS Blocks to do- YEA keep going- you are almost there.