09 January 2015

Yarn Report 1/9/2015 - Week 2

I knew this week my numbers were not going to be good. The yarn I ordered last year arrived this year. Go figure. The things I am working on are longer term projects and will take awhile. I really need to learn to knit a little bit faster. I don't think I will every be a cheetah but a step up from a turtle would be good.

Left to Right
My last (I think) Dream Club - Starry with sparkle - 450 yards
WSK - Western Sky Knits - Rainbow Night - 400 yards
Tumbleweed Yarn - Sidewalk Sand Kit - 400 - yards
WSK - Western Sky Knits - Pretty Little Hedges - 400 yards

Now for the lovely numbers.....

Used this Week:  0 skeins
Used this Year: 1 skeins
Added this week: 4 skeins
Added this Year: 4 skeins
Net Used this Year : 1 skein

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used this Year : 198 yards
Added this Week: 1650 yards
Added this Year: 1650 yards
Net Used this Year: 1452 yards (red is not good)

Off to get some things moving. KNIT! KNIT! KNT!


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  1. Your purchases are beautiful. There is nothing like a new skein of yarn to make your day.