14 January 2015

Not All Sewing and Games

I am busy most of the time but it isn't always sewing. It may me crafting related though.

I have spent most of this week getting some kits cut for work. I do a lot of the cutting at home. I enjoy it. I also know that by doing it at home 9 times out of 10 that means the kits will be correct. Most importantly though is I  just like knowing what is going on.

I am hoping by next week I will have all of these done for the complete year. I just have the cotton left to cut and then to bag them up. I do have some sewing I need to get done but I have been really good about procrastinating.

Here is the lovely quilt. It is wool on cotton and I can't wait to start this one.

Wool - it doesn't really look like much but that is 10 different kits with 10 different wools' that needed to be cut. I also had to felt all of this so that was 10 loads of laundry. Yes. I do get paid. I love the fact that I can do it at home at my convenience as long as it is done on time. I also don't have to worry about moving it all around every time I turn around. I can say that I am sure the boys don't like lugging all of the fabric in and out of the house. It is a trip up and down the stairs. Oh well! They are young.

Off to cut some more before the taxi service needs to leave. Hopefully, I will get some sewing in this weekend. I really have to get some stuff done.


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