07 January 2015

Taming of the Scraps

My scraps are out of control. I have a huge wicker laundry basket about 3 feet tall and 2 feet around filled to the top with scraps. I also have little baskets everywhere. I have been wanting to tame these puppies for years but haven't been able to.

I decided this year that I would go back to my 15 minutes or so a day of cutting them up. I figure a little bit of time will add up eventually.

I use the Bonnie Hunter Scrap User System. The only difference is that I also save 5" squares. I have a lot of patterns that use them.

This huge basket sits upstairs next to the card table so if I have a few minutes I can cut. I am sure my husband would love for this project to be done. It sits in the living room and is not a very pretty sight.

Here is my first 3 days of cutting. It really doesn't look like much. I just keep telling myself it was more than what I had "45" minutes ago. Snail pace is better than standing still. I separate into lights and darks and by size for everything except the bricks, they are must by size. One of these days I may even organize the bins by color, not anytime soon though that is for sure.

Until next time. 


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