27 January 2015

A Whole Lotta Prep

I am participating in a BOM that starts next month. I have my kit early, it helps that you work there and you are cutting the kits. I figured I would try to get a head start. After further thought I should have started about 3 years ago.

One night of cutting. I guess I should have taken at least 2 because my hand was killing me when I was done.

All cut and freezer paper removed. 

Finally ready to hand sew. I did do the flowers pink flowers separate. They were easier to do in a layered format before adding them on to the big piece. I used glue but it didn't secure very well with as much as I move them around. So...after ordering a extra long stapler from Amazon (12" length) I was set. I glued those puppies down then emptied the magazine and stapled everything down. It may be over kill but I don't want those things to move. The stems are only 1/4 in wide so there is a lot of little pieces on this thing. 

I am blanket stitching the flowers but I think I will just whip stitch the stems and leaves. It almost looks the same to me but it is quicker and I don't have to worry about the bottom thread rolling up onto the wool. Which in my case always happens. I am also using a Aurifil 28 wt thread and I love it. You only need the one strand and it slides through like butter. Which really helps since by thumb only allows me to do a little bit every day. My goal is  to get at least one or two pieces done a day. 

Good news is I love the way it looks. Bad news is there are 5 more of these squares and that is only the center of the quilt. We won't bring up the borders or the cornerstones.

Hopefully by March 1 I can show you a completed section. Lets keep our fingers crossed.  Now I am off to trace some more onto my freezer paper. I have lots to do.


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