01 January 2015

Happy New Year.

Hope everyone had a Blessed and Happy New Year.

I am hoping to be back for good. I have decided that life will not be slowing down at all and more than likely will only be getting crazier for me. So I am just going to have to put on my big girl panties and get r done.

I am hoping to switch a lot of my stuff over to the laptop so that way I can just do my posts from upstairs instead of coming down to the dungeon.

I have lots of things planned for the upcoming year. I don't call them resolutions but more like vague goals. How's that for avoidance?

I will be very busy over the next couple of months. I have tons of fabric sitting around here waiting for me to make into kits for work. I have 2 new block of the months I start teaching this month one being a mystery. It is awesome. I am also taking 2 BOM this year as well, Pomegranate Lane which is a wool, and Mistletoe Lane which is an applique.

Here's hoping I have time to reach all my "goals" and still have plenty of time to not fall behind on my projects.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and may all your "goal's" be reached.


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