02 January 2015

Final Finishes of 2014

Here are the last 2 quilted finishes I had for the year.

Downton Abbey - I worked on this for a year and it was the quilt from he!!. I couldn't get anything to do what it was supposed to do. I consider this a labor of love. It was made for my sister and she loved it.

It was so big I had nowhere to lay it out properly. One of the student from my Loyal Union, Kris, was a sweetheart and long arm quilted it for me.

Dad's Christmas quilt. I love flannel really I do as long as I don't have to sew with it or have it in my house. Every stray cat/dog hair finds it's way on here. I finished this with a couple days to spare. I just stitched in the ditch on the sashing rows. I used a wool batting. It is very fluffy which was what I wanted.

If only I could have a quilt done every day. That sure would be nice.



  1. Love your Downton Abbey finish! You inspire me -- it's on my UFO list for 2015!

    1. I had planned on making another one for me. I changed my mind. I will make something else with the fabric.