17 August 2010

Back to School Chaos

I have to admit that back to school totally kicks my behind.

Yesterday I was able to go and get my pressing board material, husband is in the process of sanding it. I also went to JoAnn's and picked up my duck cloth, coupons are wonderful things.  After that very little quilting was done. I did look around the entire house again and still no hoops. I admit that is driving me totally crazy.

Today was off to the junior high for orientation, going through all seven classes with 300- 6th graders and their parents was crazy, there were 7 minute classes with 5 minutes in between and believe it or not you have a "one way" zone in the hallway.  Unfortunately, a couple of my sons classes go from room 104 all the way around the square to 230 something then his next class is like 108 but to get there...yep you got it..he has to walk all away around the big square to get back to that classroom it is crazy. 

After that it was off to pick up my mom and neice, then to the mall. That was fun and exhausting. I did buy a little something and I will take a pic. tomorrow and post. My mom said it was totally me. She did find a purse in one of the stores she want me to make her.  She wants it yesterday...like I can just figure it out and make it like that.  Of course it is my mom so I said ok, get right on that.

Then from there it was back home for a few minutes and off to the elementary school for 4th grade orientation. That was nice though, for $8.00 the whole family got to eat, sandwhich, soda, chips, and a cookie.  At least I didn't have to cook dinner.  The ironic thing about the elementary school is that it is the same one I went to as well as my sister, my brother, my oldest son, my niece and now my youngest son,  and he happens to have the same teacher my neice had.  So that was kind of nice.  Too bad none of my old teachers were there, but that was too long ago.  Although I do have to admit my oldest son did have the same gym teacher I did, a long, long time ago.

And then from there it was off to Wal-Mart to get those last minute school supplies that were not on the list, and of course they were out of pink erasers...go figure. I was hoping not to go anywhere tomorrow since I was rudely informed by my youngest son, Jared, that "I really needed to do some laundry since there was way too much in there, and I really needed to get crack a lackin on it", got to love the kiddos for sure.

In between all of that I did get the binding hand stitched on my little coffee table runner. So poof just like that a kit, to a one day UFO, and now a competed project, finished.  Now if I could just get the rest of my projects done that quick.

Well off to bed since now that the kiddos are back in school my sleeping in days are over.  Who knows maybe I will be more productive, yeah right, I can dream can't I.   I do have two movies to watch this week so hopefully I can pop those into the DVD and quilt away.

On an upbeat not my hubby finally has two interviews this week for a job.  Getting a little worried since we only have about six more weeks of military pay before the retirement kicks in and.... we all know those paychecks aren't near as big as need be. 

Happy sewing,


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