19 August 2010

It's Progress

Well I am no longer hoopless. I finally found them and of course they were in my TUTO embroidery bag in a pocket that I didn't know was there.  Well I did know because I put them in there but since then I conveniently forgot.

I also made my pressing board, it is totally cool and I love it.  As you can see in the picture I have it sitting on top of my ironing board right now, it is not totally stable but will work until my husband can make me the stand for it.  Should be coming soon I hope.

I also finished my buck a block that I started a couple of months ago at one of my lqs'. Then while I was taking the picture to post on here I realized that I sewed the first block together wrong. So, after dinner off I go to unsew and fix it. At least I noticed it that is all I have to say. I am using Thangles with this pattern and they are pretty nifty. Might have to keep those in mind for future use.

Finally I have a picture of my treasure I bought the other day at the mall. I think they are just too cute. How often I will wear them I do not know, since pink isn't really my favorite color of all time.

So other than that,  I can honestly say I have not done anything else major.  Yesterday, I took my mom to the grocery store and then ran to do more school supply buying  for the boys and of course I had to watch Big Brother. I was off to bed early since I had a short night the night before, my mind was going a mile a minute and it was really late, or early depending on how you look at it.

Now,  I am already trying to decide what I want to do tomorrow. UFO, new project, embroidery project, oh the list goes on and on. I more than likely will work on a purse I want to start and finish really quick, I would like to have it done by next Thursday.  It is the mini Bow Tuck pattern so it goes together really quick, I mean I have already made about 6 large ones and 3 small ones, so I am kind of procrastinating since I don't really want to do another on of those right now, but I told my friend I would do it....oh well .....do it and get if over with, that usually always makes me feel better in the long run.

Take a few minutes and doing something crafty, it makes ya feel better.

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