13 August 2010

Batting Rules The Day

I didn't get any quilting done today, go figure. I did cut my batting for the eleven quilts I have waiting to quilt on my domestic machine. Most of them won't be too bad but I do have one that is 108x108 so that one will be a challenge.

It was so nice to pull my bolt of Warm & Natural batting out, head to the garage and the banquet tables and start cutting away. I always buy my batting by the bolt with a 50% off coupon from Joann's. This makes it so much more affordable and I will always have batting when needed. I am glad to say that after cutting the batting I still have quit a bit left.  The average size I had to cut was 82x82 so I think that buying this way is the icing on the cake.

I posted earlier this week about Sharon Schamber's site and her free video on how to baste a quilt, well any who, we went to Lowe's to check out the boards and they didn't have the exact ones that were discussed but had some that would work, of course I am trying to go the least expensive route. So hopefully by next week I will have my boards and will be hand basting away.

We also checked out the wood and priced that since my dear husband has graciously decided, with a little incentive of course, that he would make me a couple of cabinet type shelves to for my sewing room. These cabinet, nook, bookshelf type things will go in the open spots at the end of my quilt table to make it larger and more importantly help the fabric not fall into the only open space on my sewing table, it will also give my more storage too.  I totally hate it when the fabric goes that route, it always seems to get stuck in the crack at the 90 degree spot and frustrates me to no end (Yes I am easily frustrated). He is also making me a cabinet, shelf or whatever you want to call it,  to be used for pressing. I am using the pressing surface suggestion from http://www.sharonschambernetwork.com/ and making a pressing surface two feet wide by five or six feet long then he will put the same size shelving underneath and that will lend to more storage in an otherwise dead space, and I won't ever have to buy another ironing board or cover again, I hope. I am so excited and can't wait for that to be done, hopefully in the next month or so.  It sure will help me clean up the piles of stuff I still have laying all over the place from the move.

Don't think I will get much quilting done tomorrow though, we have yard work then have to travel up to Denver to pick up his DJ amp. Although my dear hubby did offer to stop at some quilt stores while we were up there, I said thanks but no thanks.  As much as I would love to go to a quilt store, going with a husband, and two boys 9 and 11 would not be my cup of tea (or theirs for that matter) well......maybe.

As a side note my quilter buddies back in Las Vegas are having an all night sew in at a LQS, so Linda, Jan, Marie, Ophelia, and Norma...hope you all had fun...miss you guys tons.....

Until next time
Sew in Piece,


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