11 August 2010


I figured an introduction would be the best way to start so.......

My name is Michelle Ford and I love to quilt. I taught myself to quilt while we were stationed in Germany. I have been quilting for about 10 years now and love every minute of it. I am a mother of three boys, 19 (and now in the Navy), 11 and 9. I also have a dog-Noah, a cat - Zeus, and 2 birds - Shooter and Rufus. Needless to say I am still the only female in the house.

My husband recently retired from the military so we moved in June from Las Vegas, NV to Colorado Springs, Co (my home town). I finally have most of my house unpacked, so I have been able to get back to  quilting and all of the UFO's, PIGS, and PHD's.....etc . I have found that quilting is a major need that I have. It relaxes me and allows me to have the peace that I so desperately need and desire and it is fun!

I decided to start a blog to keep my long lost quilting friends in Las Vegas updated and hopefully to make many new friends and acquaintances.

Until next time..
Sew in piece.


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  1. You will enjoy your own blog as much as your readers do :) I like going back thru mine and can't believe I've already been at it a few years now.

    So honored that you have me listed in your blog list :) I'll be sure and add you to my Google Reader so I'll know when you make updates.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie