15 August 2010

Hoopless In Colorado

It has been a rough day, but more on that momentarily.

I did go up to Denver yesterday and I did go to the Great American Quilt Factory. I was only in there for a little while but I may go back up again when time and finances permit. They have some wonderful stuff in there. I did not walk away empty handed though. I bought a pattern from Possibilites (since it is their store anyway) titled the Lunch Bunch and the lining to go inside which is called PUL. (I am going to try and upload pictures so we shall see how that works.) I am hoping to try this pattern out in a couple of weeks so I will keep you all updated. Anyway the PUL is a polyurethane laminated fabric, therefore it is wipeable. If you google PUL there are a ton of sites that come up that can help explain this better.

They had some on display in the store and they were just too cute, the lunch bag and the snack bag look like they will be pretty quick to make.

Anyway that was yesterday. Today I decided I would go ahead and start working on some embroidery projects I need to get done for the two baby quilts. I grab the lap top, the embroidery module, the spray, the table cover, the embroider box with all the special tools, the fabric and then.....I go looking for my hoops. I have my mega hoop hanging on the peg board but I can not find my other two hoops anywhere. Between my husband and I we searched everywhere in the quilt room (a number of times), the storage room where excess stuff is kept, behind furniture, in closets, even in rooms I would not think anything quilty would be.  Needless to say no luck. I have no clue where they are and I am totally frustrated about it. I remember bringing them with me when I came out before my move, they were in my Tuto bag, and I even remember taking them out and setting them on the table because at the time my peg board was not up.  After that I have no clue. So after ranting and raving I decided to just start something simple and maybe they will reappear in the next week or so, probably while my machine is in the shop.

What I ended up doing between cooking dinner and watching football (yes I am an avid football watcher--I love it) was a kit I have had for awhile, "Madison Square Runner" by GE Designs.  It was a quilt as you go so I did not have to worry about putting the completed top on my ever growing basting pile. I just have to sew the binding on it and poof another project done. Yeah.....

So now I will spend the rest of the week off the sewing machine and basting quilts. Although if I really need to sew I do have my little Bernina 220 to use. I think I have only used it twice since I bought it so it probably needs some attention.

I also am debating whether I will head up to Loveland for a quilt show up there this weekend. I think the complete Hoffman Challenge will be there. I just didn't want to go by myself and I don't think my mom can handle the long day. It takes about 2.5 hours to get there and then back. Maybe I will just wait and go next year or wait and see if my husband finally gets a job this week and decide from there (that could be my celebration), he is finally supposed to have two or three interviews. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for sure on that one.

Well I guess I will go and try and get a little bit of binding done before I am off to bed.

Until next time
Piece for peace.


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