12 August 2010

Sewing Machine Blues

I whacked out my sewing machine a little bit today totally bummed me out. I have a Bernina so when you go to put the presser foot on it lines up crooked, like at a 30-45 degree angle, not good when you are trying to sew straight. So what is a girl to do? Well....I did the unthinkable and started messing around with it and I did get the presser foot to go on straight after loosening and tightening a bolt above the shaft quit a few times since it decided to move around as well. But now I am afraid I might have totally thrown something else off so needless to say it goes to the repair shop on Monday, it needed a lube and cleaning anyway. Which by the way takes a week to get back. Can you say FOREVER. I am so spoiled, in Vegas I usually got it back the same day, oh well what can you do.

So with preparation for the baby going to the hospital I decided to cut the backings for some quilt tops I have had hanging in a closet. I figured I could baste them and get them ready for when the desire to quilt them arises, which at this point could be a long way off. Well lo and behold 4 hours later (and a couple of breaks) I finished cutting and sewing the backing for 11 quilts. Yes I said that right.... 11 quilts have been hanging in my closet, I guess I am farther behind than I thought I was. So tomorrow I get to cut the batting for them and then next week while my baby is in for repair I will hand baste them.

I watched a video for basting at www.sharonschambertnetwork.com  (love her stippling on domestic machine as well, she makes it look so easy) and I think this would be a great way to baste. I am willing to try anything new after using the fusible this morning and it not fusing then having to 505 it and then quilt it. I am so over that and safety pins kill me, besides you can't leave them in forever and sometimes it might take me a long while before I quilt a quilt.

I did take some pictures that I hope to figure out how to upload in the next day or two so that will be nice.

Until next time
Sew in piece,

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