25 August 2010

Scraps and Strings and Everything in Between

I have a large stash of scraps. I don't like throwing them away because I am always thinking that I will find a use for them. In the mean time, while I am saving and saving and saving they seem to have a mind of their own and multiply and spread all over the house like molten lava.

So, I have been cutting and cutting and cutting trying to get this pile manageable.  I have been using Bonnie Hunter's scrap system (http://www.quiltville.com/) and am making slow but steady progress (and what I have finished looks mighty darn good if I do say so myself).  In the mean time there are scraps that just don't fit anywhere whatsover and that is where the blocks below come in to play.

My pineapple block is 5 inch's finished so 5.5 unfinished and is made up of 45 different pieces of fabric.  Believe it or not this uses very little fabric, but will look cute when all bazillion of them or done and in some type of quilt, until then I will keep making them as time and desire permits.
These are my string blocks and they are super easy to make and once I get enough I will just lay them out and whip up a charity quilt or something. I usually work on two at a time so that I can string piece them as I go. This makes the process go twice as fast for me.

So...... I guess what I am trying to say is that.....I am making progress with my scraps, it is just a slow and enjoyable process. Who cares about the mess or the ever growing amount of fabric that is following me around the house.  I am still making something scrappy, warm and who knows it may become a charity quilt that will make someone smile and keep them warm.

Now I am off to make a totally new and unplannes quick project for my 3 week old niece.

Take Care,



  1. I love the scrappy pineapple block. I've been making tonnes of string blocks too.

  2. I love your pineapple block and string blocks. I've been trying very hard to use up my scraps, but haven't made much of a dent. I've been using Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders technique to finish up UFO'. Have one complete and one that is still in progress. I haven't tried Bonnie's scrap system. Thanks for sharing parts of your quilting life. I've really enjoyed your blogs.
    Kate in OK

  3. Really pretty strings. I might have to try that scrappy pineapple. Nice look to it. I agree with you...my pile of scraps doesn't seem to diminish much though I have made several things.