21 August 2010

Bow Tuck Saturday

I was at a loss yesterday on what project I wanted to work on. I have a few UFO's to do and of course I still have those 11 quilts that need to be basted, yes I admit I am procrastinating on those big time, so I decided to do a Mini Bow Tuck purse that a friend of mine wanted. So off I go to my stash I pull out the fabrics and I start working on it.  I know from experience that it only takes me a couple of hours to get one done. Well I get on a roll, get all of the fabric cut, the fusible fleece cut, get everything going and start quilting the front and back then low and behold my husband gets a phone call. YES he finally has a job.  He starts a week from tomorrow. I am so excited. So needless to say no more quilting was done, but we did go out and have a celebration dinner.

So between going to my niece's soccer tournament  today,(two games one at 11am and one at 5pm - couldn't get them any farther apart that is for sure), I was able to get the purse done. Although I did not do it with out having problems. I mean come on, I have made at least 15 of these purses, well either the regular Bow Tuck or the Mini, so I should be able to almost make them with my eyes closed. But no......I put the magnetic button on the wrong end so I have to remove that. Well of course we know the button will leave a hole, so in my moment of ingenuity I grab a 2 in square of fabric, sign my name and the date and sew it right over the hole, of course this was in a perfect place, the bottom of the bag, so it looks like I planned it.  Then I go and sew the two pieces  of lining together wrong, so un-sewing that was a pain in the behind, because fusible fleece is not good to be seam ripping.  Finally, about an hour longer than I had planned I did get the purse done.  And NO I do not plan on making another purse anytime in the near future, no matter who asks for one, that is my final word and I am sticking to it, well.....I may make one for me in the near future...hmmm.

I finally decided that I would procrastinate sewing down some binding so off to the quilt room I go.  I happen to have an extra one of those 5 gallon plastic buckets, I use mine to make my laundry soap, so I shoved as many scraps from my large tote in there as possible and headed over to the brand new pressing surface, which I still am in uber love with, and I listened/watched football and ironed. I now have a large stack of scraps ready to be cut and stored when the time permits.  I try to do at least 15 minutes a day and even some while cooking dinner since the cutting table is right around the corner.

Well it hasn't been a real eventful or productive time but I am getting a little bit done at a time.

Guess I will try and figure out what I want to do tomorrow. I really should get these baby quilts done, but Christmas fabric is calling my big time........

Until next time
Sew in piece.


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