19 December 2010

A Bone Breaking Decision

I decided, last Monday, to go ahead and destroy my quilt lair and paint it.  So I mustered the kids to take everything off the shelves and out of the room, except for the furniture, and boy were they happy when their Dad finally got home to finish helping, they informed me that I had way to much "frabic" and it was very heavy. My spare bedroom is now totally packed with all of my fabric, UFO's,. thread, embroidery supplies, batting, and everything else you can imagine.

 I get up bright and early Tuesday morning, get the kids off the school and head on in there to paint.  I figure I can get it all painted and back to a "new normal " by the beginning of the week, since Christmas dinner will be held here.

I am on a roll, one wall painted with first coat (apple red), head on over to the next wall (half baked) and then low and behold I somehow forgot I was on the top step of the step stool (which is about 2 feet off of the floor) and off I go ....down on the ankle in some weird sort of way, still haven't quit figured out what I did.  I wait it out to see if the pain will subside...nope...

I ended up breaking my 5th metatarsal....not the way to start painting for sure. I end up at the emergency room and then the next day at the orthopedic doctor.

Good news is that it wasn't put into a cast and I wasn't put on non weight bearing status.  I ended up with a hard soled walking shoe and crutches. I was told to put pressure on it when needed.

That was Tuesday by Wednesday I was back in the lair painting away.  I finally finished, with the help of my husband, yesterday morning.  I still have some touch ups to do and the ceiling but everything else is pretty much done. The furniture is moved, moms craft stuff is put back, and I was able to cut a few HST for RRCB, and it is "good enough" for Christmas dinner to be held here.

I still have ALL of of my quilt stuff to bring back down but right  now I am not in any hurry. I have what I need downstairs to work on and I am satisfied with that.  I honestly have no desire right now to put everything up...that means finding a place to put it all that looks decent and that is honestly a pain in the budinski.

I do have some before pictures of the room that I will post later and I will take some of the semi-finished room sometime this week.

I am just thankful that I am able to walk and drive, even though it is painful at times. I waited 40 years to break a bone and I can honestly say I would have been just as happy to go another 40. So I am off to cut my 600 HST's when my body is able and to sew when I can and to just enjoy the process.

Enjoy your week everyone.


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