30 December 2010

Sewing Room Done

I finally finished the sewing room. I still have to paint the ceiling and put a few things up but for all intensive purposes, it is finished or as they say Good Enough For me. I have to move my cutting table but that is it. I also still have to find all of my nick knacks to put on my shelf but that is just a minor detail.  I am so glad that I am now ready to get back to the machine and put the pedal to the medal.  Yeah buddy.

Buttons and Scraps and RRCB Fabric (for now)

Go Cutting Stations, and Ruler Central (until I can find a contraption to hold the rulers better)

More Sewing Supplies,

Pattern Cabinet and Reading Material

Rolling Cars with Strips ala Quiltville Style
More Rolling Carts

And More Rolling Carts

View From Behind Sewing Machine

Pink Bucket full of Stings, Quilt Books, and Embroidery Binders

Quilts under the Table - Waiting to be Quilted...arrgghhhh

It still looks kind of messy but to me that is the working messy and I can live with that. The best thing about this right now is you can still see the carpet and it is not covered in strings and pieces and parts....but that will change shortly.

Oh yeah....I need curtains too...when that sun comes shining through its a killer.



  1. LOVE seeing your newly organised and painted sewing space - look wonderful! Enjoy :)

  2. Oh my! your sewing room is wonderful. i notice you still have room for more fabric on your shelves, good planning!