29 December 2010

The hardest week of the year

It always seems the hardest week of the year for me is between Christmas and New Year's.  I always suffer from a sense of let down. Maybe it is because all of the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas. I'm running around like crazy getting presents, hoping the kids and family will like them, baking, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, and of course this year add the painting and the breaking of the foot incident and it seems like a never ending cycle. All of the weeks and months preparing end in a matter of minutes after all of the presents are opened, which of course takes just a nano second to do.

I of course then want to get everything organized and ready for the new year, kind of like spring cleaning, so that I may start the year fresh and organized. Does this always happen? No, I then I feel rather let down when it doesn't.  I guess it is just the cycle of my life.

I have New Year's resolutions to make, which of course many don't last past Jan 2. So why do I do it? Who knows.  This year though I decided not to make anything "concrete" just a bunch of generalizations in my mind, kind of like those WHIMM that we so love to have whirring around up there like a major freeway somewhere.

I have been working all week on my quilt room, trying to get some semblance of order after moving everything to the spare bedroom to paint. I am glad to say I am almost done, most of the stuff I have left is all of the little stuff you don't know where to put and takes up most of the room. I have organized the magazines, the books and the fabric. I have my list of UFO's ready for the year. I have all of my swaps packed up and ready for the mail. I am working on RRCB part 6 and yet I still don't feel like I have done a whole lot.

So my "goals" for the rest of this week.....

Finish the quilt room
Organize my embroidery CD's
Work on my Blog
Prepare for my sailor to return to Chicago (this one sucks no matter how you look it)
Get my Birthday Blocks Swaps Completed
and the list goes on, but that is all I can think of this cold and overcast morning.

I hope everyone gets a chance to sew today.

Keep coming back and tell your pals. I have some neat things planned for this year here and I hope you continue to enjoy the ramblings of this crazy quilter in Colorado.


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