21 December 2010

Nature at its best

I live in the city.  I live 2 blocks away from a busy street with stores and restaurants galore. I have the back of a Safeway one block behind me.  My family has lived in this house for 33 years and we consider ourselves city folk.

 I venture outside this morning and what do I see walking up the street....

We have seen them on and off in the past and it sill amazes me.  I don't know where they venture off to because really there is not a lot of "natural area" around here.  We usually see them in groups of 3 or 4, but today it was just one. They love to jump the neighbors fence and eat and lay down and rest.  I was told last year that one of the mothers decided to have the babies in the backyard of a neighbors house, they were then stuck back there until the family returned home from vacation.  The little ones couldn't jump the fence so the family had to open the gate for them.

I think this is a wonderful and sad sight at the same time.  They have no open areas that are safe to roam anymore and they have to come farther and farther in town, but at the same time it sure is awesome to see mother nature at its best.

Find something to inspire you today, it's worth it.


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