06 December 2010

Chunky Churndash

I signed up for a Chunky Churndash swap on my Quiltville Swap yahoo group. I decided to save on postage so I received all of my blocks once the swap was over, I think there were 3 different swap dates. I of course went straight to Bonnie's book and re-read what I needed. I ended up needing one more block, so off I went to sew the quickie block. I then decided to go searching for the 1/2 square triangles, since I don't have enough to do already Christmas and all. I found this a challenge, since I am on NO BUY through my Stashbusters group, actually finding enough fabric to do the project.  I have never really been one to buy large yardages, I am more of a buy a little bit of a lot of stuff. Anywho....I have now sewn 1/2 of my blocks together.  I did get side tracked with my RRCB string squares and as leaders/enders I am still sewing my 9 patches together for Sister's 9 patch (which are almost done). I am hoping to get back to those as soon as the strings are done (only have 20 left).

These came out kind of yellow, new camera but have since figured out how to fix it. They are the greatest little squares and with swapping I was able to get a larger variety of fabrics. Definitely will be putting these up on the design wall, or rather design bed, after I get the other blocks finished.

So there you have it, nothing finished but a whole lot started...ohhhhh.....the life of a quilter...

Take Care,


  1. What a great variety of colors in those blocks. How will you set them?

  2. I am putting 1/2 square triangles in between,as Bonnie did in her book. I am half way through swing them together. Hopefully I will be able to lay it out this weekend and let it simmer.

  3. Can't wait to see this put together.