20 December 2010

Quilting Room Chaos

I finally downloaded the pictures that I took of my quilt room chaos.  I have moved everything out and put it in the spare bedroom. It is all repainted, I just have a few touch ups and the ceiling left to do, but for now I am content with how it is.  I will show some after pictures later but for now here is some eye candy on the before "mess".

My buckets of strips labeled ala Quiltville style.

My sewing area, doesn't look to bad for a change, but of course you're not close enough to see the dust.

My dining room area is actually my mom's craft area, she does mosaic so there are hundreds of containers with  cut glass and paints, and wood , and glitter, and beads, and well...the list could go on and on and on.

My cutting table. The large pink tote actually has all of my strings in it.  I am really thinking it is time to get some string blocks done before the tote is over flowing it is about 1/3 full right now.

More of my strip carts and tons of embroidery supplies. Oh and a very full laundry basket of shirts that I have to cut up and store, I just haven't "gotten" to it yet.

Another view of way to much stuff and nowhere to put it. My TV space keeps getting smaller and smaller.

This filing cabinet hold patterns that I have saved. Will I get around to all of them I seriously doubt it. Maybe I will sort through them one of these days.  The totes on top hold patterns that I haven't even filed yet.  I think I need about 10 lifetimes to get through all of this.

Fabric and thread and stuff......main reason I decided to rearrange.  Not really good to see this the minute you walk in the door. Really a little to cluttered for me. Not saying it won't look like this again once I bring everything down but these shelves are on the other side of the room so they won't be as noticeable right away.

Well that is all for now. I am hoping to get some stuff done and pictures taken soon.  Hope everyone has an uneventful and productive week.


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