30 December 2010

My Name is Michelle and I'm a Fabriholic!!!!!!!!!

I had decided that since I would be reorganizing and painting the quilt room that I would also take the time and measure my fabric, as I was refolding it to fit in the shelves anyway.  Well....I don't know if that was a good idea.  After three days and countless time standing (which isn't always good with a broken foot) I think I finally finished. If I'm not and some more appears please put me in a round rubber room post haste.

I started by just doing the fabric on the shelves........988.5 Yards

The fabric on the right is 2 yards and up, everything else is over a FQ but less than 2 yards.  I did put some 1/4 yard cuts up here as well and I did try to put it all by color. There are also jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm squares up there as well. I did not include the denim up there in my final count.

All of those square plastic bins have my UFO's in them.  The shoebox bins have my block swaps, string blocks, 4 patch squares and my binding for specified quilts.

I then found more fabric when opening drawers.   30.5 yards

I then counted the fat quarters.

I then decided to count the kits.....I should have stopped before this step.   1043 yards

Ryan McKenna Kits (there are 5 series seen here)

My pile of quilt Kits and the cat Zeus.

My BOM, there are 3 different ones in there and they are all paper piecing. 
 I also figured in about 200 yards in strings and strips and such. I came up with by looking at my rolling carts and I am honestly figuring this is a low amount, I have 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5, 5"squares and 10" squares, and almost all of the drawers for each are stuffed full.

So my grand total is.............2267 yards. 

Is that a lot of fabric or what.  I am totally amazed, and the ironic thing is I am always wanting to buy more fabric. 

As my mom always tell me fabric is my "crack" addiction. I am starting to believe her more and more.  Will I tell her that, probably not.

I also thing that it is weird that with this much fabric I don't really think it takes up much of the house.  I guess I am really good at organizing.....

Now was this a good thing, honestly I can say I think it was.  It just lets me know that I do have plenty to work on and that I can use this up and shop my stash first.  I don't always have to run to the LQS and buy what I need. I think now that I can see the fabric it will also allow me to find what I need quickly.

I am now going to take a break and sew for awhile before I decide to take the time and tackle my patterns. That is another monster on it's own.

So if you ever get the desire to clean, organize and measure your stash you might enjoy it.  It is an eye opening experience.



  1. oh you are very brave to add all of your stash up Michelle. I won;t be this brave as a lot is donated for charity quilts but I will sew as much as possible as I think we all have more than we realize and it doesn't take as much to make a quilt as we all think. LOL! Time to sew!

  2. Lol...I didn't think I would be brave enough either but there I went. Keep track of your finished quilts with yardage estimates, that might be a neat total to see at the end of the year.

  3. OMG! I am shocked!!!... at how LITTLE room it takes up!! I am NOT counting my stash!!! LOL!

    Your room looks so inviting now - have fun quilting in it!!

    doni @ Oregon coast

  4. I do find it ironic that once it is foled neatly, it really doesn't take up alot of room. Of course I also have a ton of the yardage in kit form and that is shoved in a wooden chest that is rather large.