06 December 2010

If it isn't one thing its another....

that is how my life is going the past couple of weeks. Everytime I think I am getting ahead life throws a curve ball.  I am trying to just whack it out of the park and keep on going.

I decided to try and paint my living/dining room aka as the quilt studio. I finally figure out my paint colors and off I go to get the pain. The first store I go to doesn't have the paint, no problem, off to the other one.  Well, needless to say I didn't get the paint that day (or any other day so far). I ended up blowing a tire, now it wasn't a simple flat tire, no that would be too simple. It was a call your husband type thing. So my road side assistant shows up, DH to the rescue, and wouldn't you know, or jack is missing. Now we have never had to use the thing so who knows where it is. The other sad part to the tale is that you need that special tool to lower the spare, since it is under the car. Did we have that? NO, so off to the house to look for something to work. Thank goodness we were only about 10 minutes, if that, away from home. Finally after about an hour the spare was put on and off to the tire store to get a new one.  Boy was that not in my budget for the week. But after the whole fiasco was over I learned to be thankful.  No one was in the car with me, I didn't hit anything, I didn't wreck the car ( I mean I was going about 60), it was not sewing, and my husband was only 20 minutes away and could come fix it, things could have been a lot worse.

I then proceed to try and have a productive weekend. Well I have been working on RRCB and am working on Step 3, my string blocks, I had the brain storm to make some cookies in between.  Should have just stayed at the sewing machine. 

First batch, pumpkin spice cookies, real simple right,  add can of pumpkin to spice cake mix, stir and bake....yeah right....couldn't get them to cook for love or money, then realized I was only supposed to use a 15oz can and I used a 30oz can.  They didn't turn out to bad, but I don't know who will eat them.

Second batch, oatmeal cookies.  Don't really know what happened to these...they came out really crumbly and had a hard time getting them out of the pan....needless to say I decided to give up the cookie making for they day. 

Still can't figure out what I did wrong, but I needed to press on since I have a lot of baking to attempt to do....I bought 25lbs of sugar and flour and 15 dozen eggs. I will split some of it with my mom but I will have a lot to use.  Hmmmm...now that I think about it....Can flour go bad?.....I have had this last batch for awhile (you see.. I am usually not a big baker)....guess I will toss it to be on the safe side.

Well I have tons of stuff to catch up on but it will have to wait for another post...this one seems to be long winded.

Enjoy the day,

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  1. deralowsDear Michelle,
    It is possible for flour to go bad. It will have bugs in it, so you won't have any doubts. but if you store your flour in the freezer, you won't have such a problem. The cold kills off eggs and anything else, and won't allow flour to go rancid for a couple of years.