26 July 2011

Ghosts in the Electricity

I took my machine in for it's semi annual cleaning (late as usual), which meant I had to come home and rearrange everything so my back up machine could be used.  I spent 30 minutes looking for the table insert, that I had recently seen but couldn't remember where.  I knew I kept it somewhere safe because I was going to need it soon. I finally found it under neath by bed, go figure. 

So I get the machine set up, add a book underneath to make it the same size, since I didn't want to adjust my Koala table---it is a big pain for me, and get everything plugged in and I am already to go...or so I thought.  I turn on the machine and nothing.  I fiddle around with the cord and nothing.  I move the machine to another room, plug it in and nothing. 

So in a state of panic, who wants to be without a machine for a week, I grab it up and head back up the the LQS where my other machine is waiting patiently to be picked up today for its week long trip.  I figure I will try one of their cords and see if it works.  If not I will rotate the machines and keep the working one until the other one gets back.  Well....lo and behold I barrow one of their cords, plug it in, and it works... What???? So I unplug their cord and try again with my cord..it works.   What???? So I just decided to wait a few minutes and try again and it still works.  Ok...don't know what that was all about but I turn around and come home (good thing quilt store is only 10 minutes away) and get the machine and set it up again, plug it in and it works. 

There must have been some ghosts in my electricity giving me grief......so I did get some sewing done but not as much as planned.  I finished another 2 steps in my Jovial Christmas Ribbons...

I might get this top finished yet.


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