29 July 2011

I'm So Upset

Yesterday, I was laying on the bed while my husband put the new AC in the window.  I have this quilt on the bed that I spent months embroidering and fingering out the colors for it and piecing it.  It was the first quilt I ever sent to a long armer and I just love it.  Well, as I was laying there I noticed these blueish dots all over one section of the border. Now it should not have blue anywhere on it because it is all creams and browns and peach's.  At first I thought it was where the long armer marked the quilt and the blue lines were coming back. Upon further scrutiny I noticed it is actually a problem with the fabric.

The pattern of this fabric has gold dots going around the flowers well lo and behold the "gold" is coming off and in its place is this bluish line of dots.  I tried washing it to no avail.  Now mind you I have washed and dried this quilt and it has done nothing but lay on my bed for about 2 years, and it doesn' t get a lot of sun shining on it either.

So now I don't know what to do. I think it is only a matter of time before all of the gold is turned to this crappy blue. There is also other fabric in there that has gold in it as well. I am just sick with disappointment.  I don't remember the manufacturer but I am going to research it and see what I can find. I know there is nothing they can do about it now but I would really like them to know about it for future use. 

This section is really prominent.

This section shows where is is lighter and spreading.

This shows the fabric without the problems.

I will be heading to the LQS pretty soon and see if they can help me figure it out, but I am pretty sure there is nothing that can be done. I guess I will just wait until the whole thing is covered and then transfer it to a "used for love" quilt and make a new one for my bed. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



  1. Are you in an area where there is someone who does antique restoration? They often know how to deal with 'special' problems... This makes me sick at heart for you! Let us know what happens!~

  2. That stinks! I would be sick about it too. Do post when you find out why or what the deal is with that...very curious.

  3. Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry this has happened to you on such a special quilt. I used a fabric with gold detail on in a quilt that got washed every couple of months and found the gold soon faded off leaving an ugly brown/beige colour behind. Have avoided the gold/silver embellished fabrics every since. It was a good quality fabric purchased from a quilt shop, but luckily I got mine in the sale and it wasn't a 'special' quilt.

  4. I found out the maker is Hoffman and I sent an email to them. I do hope they contact me back but who knows. I guess this goes down as a lesson learned. I will be staying away from gold fabric for sure.