25 July 2011

Jelly Roll Christmas

I didn't get a bunch of stuff done over the weekend.  I decided to take a break from my DJ blocks and start cutting fabric for a new quilt....of course I still don't need a new one..but what can you do.

I just love Jovial by Basic Grey for Moda...so what is a girl to do but find some fabric and have some fun.  I have been wanting to make all of the quilts out of  Kim Brackets books so I bit the bullet and here I am.  It seemed like it took forever to cut the fabric for this. I think that is because I have been doing the DJ blocks and only have to cut a little, sew a little, cut a little, scream a little, sew a little, cuss a little...well you get the idea. 

I just hope I am able to spend sometime getting to know my quilting machine so that I can start busting out all of these flimsies I have piled up. 

Well I am off to take my baby (my machine) in to the shop for service, which means it won't be back until next week.  So I will have to move my 220 over and get that set up, which changing my Koala table around to fit is a pain in the rumpus...oh well.  I have decided that I am going to use the 220 as much as possible and save my 440 (btw these are Berninas) for embroidery and decorative stitches.  It already has a bagillion stitches on it so I have to give it some TLC for awhile.

Hope everyone gets a chance to sew.


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