19 July 2011

Hand Sewing with Dear Jane

I am working on block B3 - Mirror Image.. I decided to try and hand sew.  It actually wasn't as hard as i thought it was going to be and so far isn't really time consuming.  I don't think my stitches are as small as they need to be but I do think it gets better with time.  I did get a little bit frustrated.  I mean you watch you tube videos of others hand piecing and they just zip through it likes it's nothing.  I mean just because they have been doing if forever means nothing right.  I figure I should be able to zip through just as easy...well, maybe with a lot more practice.  So off I go to make some more of these little blocks, did 2 yesterday and cut out this one so maybe after the dentist today I can zip through a few more.

I still have to press this little guy, I've only finger pressed so far. I have 3 more to make then I can put this little bad boy on the design wall and move on to more intricate patterns.  I think they will get harder the farther along I get. 

I have done 18 1/4 /225.....just keep sewing, just keep sewing.


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