22 July 2011

Cheddar Challenge

Yesterday while I was working on my DJ blocks I couldn't stop thinking about the cheddar challenge that Bonnie is having over at her site. So after a couple more blocks I gave in.  I finished piecing the block I was working on and stopped and went and cut some leaders and enders and some cheddar.  I cut 10 strips of cheddar, which gave me 110 sets and then set about cutting the bow tie fabrics.  I now am already to sew.  I figure I will just keep cutting in sets of 110 and stop when I feel like it.  I have to admit though that they are very addicting and I almost set my DJ aside, but I controlled myself. I WILL only work on these as leaders and enders.  I think part of the reason they were sew addicting is that they are sew simple, especially compared to DJ.  So I can not wait to get back into the sewing room and sew some more of these. 

I really didn't need to start another project but what the heck. I still have BRB and sisters 9 patch all ready to assemble sitting in their baskets whats another basket full.....

Of course to get to the cart with my 2" strings I had to move 2 other carts since they are all wedged between the frame and the wall, go figure, and it was hotter than hot yesterday, but it will all be worth the pounds of sweat in the long run. I  wonder how many I will do before I tire of them?

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will have lots to share next week.

Oh yeah and don't forget the announcement of the giveaway this weekend.



  1. Don't you love those little baskets for leader/ender pieces? So far I've resisted the cheddar challenge but have started a couple other things. You bowties are lovely!

  2. The bow ties are looking good! Have fun with them :)

  3. Wow! You did a lot of cutting. So glad that you are joining the Cheddar Challenge and your bowties look great!
    Vic in NH

  4. Cheddar Challenge looking good. These blocks are just too cute!