28 July 2011

Spool Of Success and Applique

I have been really busy in the sewing room, unfortunately, I have not finished a lot.  I have been working on this one in particular DJ block and it is now become my Achilles heel.  I have tried it 3 times already and have now resorted to hand piecing it and I still don't think it is working out the way I want or need it to.  I will finish it and see if it is good enough if not it is back to the drawing board.  Not good for sure.  It is definitely a good thing I am working months ahead in my class so I don't feel under a lot of pressure....yet!

I did finish a spool of thread. It was on of those 6452 yard cones, unfortunately I don't remember when I started using it. I think it was some time last year...that is a lot of thread.  I did put my new cone on the machine and dated, so we shall see how long it takes to use it up.

I also spent the last two days getting some DJ applique blocks ready to work on when I have a chance.  I bought this really nifty carrying case so now I have it packed with all of the essentials.  Scissors, thread, needles, crochet project, applique projects, thimbles, pins etc. are ready at all times and can be grabbed on the way out the door.

I will be doing some needle turn applique, which I have done before just not in awhile.  I will also be doing some reverse applique which I have never done.  I usually do spray and starch but I figured I would try something different and see if it helps be a little bit.

I am off to get ready for the little ones baseball practice and hubby's softball double header.  Maybe I will be able to get something done...we shall see...

Have a wonderful day.


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