21 July 2011

Jo's Club Finish 2

Yesterday I started a new exercise regime with my mother. We are just walking every morning at the crack of dawn before it gets too hot.  Now since the only "exercise" I get is quilting. So this is rather difficult.  We walked about an hour which was a little lesa than 1.5 miles each way.

I ended up coming home and did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day. I had the dentist at 1100 and that was the extent of it. I did try and take a nap to no avail and the boys kept asking me what was wrong.  Well lets just say my energy level was in the negatives. 

It finally cooled down with a short early afternoon rain shower so I summoned enough energy to replant a plant of my mothers.  Short explanation here.  We moved back to Colorado from Las Vegas last year and we are now renting the house I grew up in.  My mom just couldn't handle the "big" house anymore, either can dad for that matter. When we moved in the house came with some furniture and we also inherited 2 birds and a cat (we came with only a dog, boy was that ever run..dog doesn't like cats, cat doesn't like dog).  In our house the birds rule, then the cat, then the dog....go figure.

Anyway, I also ended up with 5 of my mothers plants.  I have the ability to practically kill weeds without trying and am really good at killing cacti so giving me 5 plants is not good for my well being. So I am kinda of OCD about these plants, she has had most of them since I was young.  Well, this one plant is gargantuan and when I watered it yesterday I realized that the roots were sprouting over the top of the soil.  Guess that means it needs to be re potted.  So off to buy a mongo pot and transplant.

Well, after getting dirty (which by the way I hate), I was revived and decided in between my shows last night to finally get my Jo's club for August bound (it had only been sitting for over a month waiting). So it is done.  Yeah.  I washed and dried last night, label is on- just need to write on it and now I have another finish to my name.

Hope everyone has a great day today.


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  1. I love that color combination, with the black baskets against that background fabric. It looks so nice!